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Last Day of Summer

Thursday, 21 September 2017

The last sunshines of Summer 2017. It was a great time, full of work and surprises.
Time passes by and unfortunately, we have to wait 282 days for the next one. 
So to sum it up: finished the 5th year of studies, prepared the new #bbinteriors project,
sold it in two weeks, went to Hongkong for 4 months, came back after two weeks with an engagement ring, get proposed...
The most incredible summer ever. Sometimes U have to travel till the world's end to find out what really matters for U...
Plans for Autumn:
Order a new coat, prepare the #bbinteriors Project No.3 (Maybe even No. 4!) and finally write a master's thesis. Don't have much time for the last one so I really need to hurry!

By the way: Already missing the summer!

Photo: Ania Ulanicka

Pants: Abercrombie & Fitch
Polo Shirt: Vistula
Loafers: Massimo Dutti

1 comment on "Last Day of Summer"
  1. you have an amazing taste in clothes, Bart. i really admire your style. i am going to follow it u for one of my projects. thank you, you have been a big help