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Friday, 3 November 2017

Hi Guys, what's up?

Working hard for the #bbinteriors project volume 3. U will see the results soon. Hope in two weeks, but we will see.
Going black this time. And being obsessed with it - not only when it comes to fashion.
I'm wearing my favourite double breasted suit. Or tux as U wish. In fact it is something in between.
Silk peak lapels, but no stripes on pants. Works well in a day time as well for the evening.
And my new favorite sneakers - very clean and comfy

Suit: Zara
Sneakers: Alexander Mcqueen

Photo: Ania Ulanicka

Last Day of Summer

Thursday, 21 September 2017

The last sunshines of Summer 2017. It was a great time, full of work and surprises.
Time passes by and unfortunately, we have to wait 282 days for the next one. 
So to sum it up: finished the 5th year of studies, prepared the new #bbinteriors project,
sold it in two weeks, went to Hongkong for 4 months, came back after two weeks with an engagement ring, get proposed...
The most incredible summer ever. Sometimes U have to travel till the world's end to find out what really matters for U...
Plans for Autumn:
Order a new coat, prepare the #bbinteriors Project No.3 (Maybe even No. 4!) and finally write a master's thesis. Don't have much time for the last one so I really need to hurry!

By the way: Already missing the summer!

Photo: Ania Ulanicka

Pants: Abercrombie & Fitch
Polo Shirt: Vistula
Loafers: Massimo Dutti

Summer Chic

Wednesday, 2 August 2017
Hi Guys, what's up?
Going classy again... Similar to the last time, however less formal.
Cotton DB paired with camel chinos and light suede loafers.
Classic, elegant, dapper, stylish...
Not overdressed.
Great combo no matter your age. Looks great on U, Ur Father and Ur Grandpa even.

Cześć, co słychać?
Tym razem znów elegancko. Zestaw utrzymany w tym samym stylu co ostatnio, ale w luźniejszej wersji.
Bawełniana dwurzędówka, a do tego jasne chinosy i koniakowe mokasyny. 
Klasycznie, elegancko, bez zbędnej przesady.
Pasuje każdemu bez względu na wiek - Tobie, Twojemu Ojcu jak i Dziadkowi.

Photos: Ania Ulanicka

Jacket: Vistula
Shirt: Vistula
Chinos: Abercrombie
Loafers: Massimo Dutti
Sunglasses: Saint Laurent